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Wealth Management
for High Income Earners

As a high earner, you’re open to more risk, complications and potential challenges than the average person.

Let’s make sure your assets are protected and growing like they should be.

Financial planning for
high-net-worth individuals

Individuals that have amassed a high net worth face unique issues when it comes to wealth management. You need a financial advisor that understands what you’re facing today as well as what you want to achieve tomorrow. 

Dias Wealth offers comprehensive wealth management that is specifically tailored to the experiences of top earners, C-level executives, doctors, lawyers, entertainers, athletes, and other elite professionals.

Investment Management

You tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll custom build an investment plan that matches your risk tolerance and tax situation to your desired outcomes.


Proactive tax planning can mean significantly reducing your tax burden and so you keep more of your money. We’re happy to work with your CPA to put these tax savings strategies in place.


You worked for your money, now let’s make your money work for you. Our comprehensive financial planning services are 100% transparent, so you can see exactly where your wealth is going. 


More than just leaving a legacy, our estate planning services help your beneficiaries avoid probate and estate taxes, protect your business, and honor  your final wishes.


Giving feels good. Maximizing your tax deductions feels even better. Our tax-favored charitable giving plans help you support your favorite causes, leave a legacy, and pass your values to the next generation.


Our specialty is creating more predictable streams of income in retirement, keeping more of the “gold” in your golden years. Let’s make retirement your best years yet!


Buy-Sell Agreements
Premium Finance
Split Dollar Arrangements
Key Man Insurance
Captive Insurance Companies

Health Care

Understanding how Medicare works, Part B premiums, the differences between Advantage and Supplement plans, and short-term care.


Learn how to protect assets from creditors, including lawsuits and bankruptcy.

Understanding how non-exempt assets can become exempt assets.

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What it’s like to work with Dias Wealth

Step 1

Request your complimentary consult

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Step 2

Talk with an advisor

Talk with a top-level advisor about what’s keeping you up at night financially.

Step 3

Experience Financial Mastery

Relax knowing you’ve made the smartest choices to build and protect your wealth.


Our Team

As fee-only advisors with fiduciary responsibility, you can rest easy knowing that the advice you’ll get from us is based on what’s best for you, not what makes us the biggest commissions. Our mission is to help you preserve principal, maximize income, and accumulate capital.

Carlos Dias, Jr. - Founder and Managing Partner

Carlos Dias, Jr. is the co-founder of Dias Wealth. With nearly two decades in the financial industry, Carlos brings to the table a well-rounded expanse of experience. Carlos is a contributor to Kiplinger and has been featured on, U.S. News & World Report, Bloomberg, and other major news outlets.

Lauren Dias, Co-Founder
and Managing Partner

Lauren Dias is the co-founder of Dias Wealth and advises high-net-worth individuals on retirement planning, financial planning, tax-reduction strategies, estate planning, and more. Lauren’s goal as a financial advisor is to make sure all her clients receive the most custom-tailored financial guidance and maximize their results.


7 Must-Know Rules of Choosing a Financial Advisor

When you choose to work with a financial advisor, you should be certain they are looking out for your best interests. Not all do. 

Unfortunately, some advisors are only out to sell you products or services so they can earn big commissions, and others aren’t even properly licensed to give financial advice (though it doesn’t seem to stop them). 

How can you tell the difference?

Mastering your financial future starts today

Request your complimentary consultation now. Confidentially is guaranteed. 

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